Monday, September 18, 2017

Plan Your Mission MAX Trip In Google Maps!

Pick a date after Oct. 8th for Mission MAX data to show!
  Still confused about what your trip will look like when Mission MAX takes effect on Sunday, October 8th? You can now plan a future trip to see any upcoming changes to your commute!

Here's a quick rundown on how to do this via Google Maps:

Step 1: Enter your origin and final destination as you currently do.

Step 2: Instead of "Leave now," select "Depart at" from the drop down menu.

Step 3: Next, enter a date beyond October 8, 2017.

You will now see an updated map and trip options reflective of Mission MAX.

Top: Current HART commute; Bottom: Mission MAX commute

The image to the right is a comparison showing how commuting options may differ between the current network and Mission MAX.

You can see in this instance, Mission MAX shaves upwards of 14 minutes off trips for those interested in commuting from Westshore to Ybor City.

Simply enter your trip, change the date beyond October 8th, and you are all set!

Hopefully, this helps to clear up any confusion you still might have about what your commute looks like in October. 

For more information on Mission MAX, visit!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

HART is Prepared for a Storm. Are You?

HART operates Evacuation service. Know your route!
As Floridians, we are all aware of the threat of hurricanes from June-November. It's a part of the "charm" of living in the Sunshine State!

Should a hurricane threaten the Tampa Bay area, it is vital that residents heed any warnings and prepare for the worst of the storm.

Just as residents and their families need to prepare, so does HART. Have you ever wondered how an organization with over 750 employees and 200+ vehicles plans for a major storm?

Let's take a look at what it takes to prep the HART network for a major hurricane.

Should a storm threaten the Tampa Bay area, the Hillsborough Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be activated. Once activated, a HART representative will be located at the center to keep the agency abreast of storm developments and coordinate evacuation service.

When instructed by the EOC, HART will cease normal service and begin Emergency Evacuation service to move residents from lower ground, to higher ground. For the safety of our riders and employees, normal HART service will cease once the EOC and HART Emergency Management determine that conditions are unsafe to continue service. 

When word is received that landfall is eminent in Tampa Bay within 72 hours, our volunteer Emergency Response Team (ERT) will activate.

The organization then begins the process of securing HART facilities. This includes:
  • Securing windows and outside objects
  • Shutting off water, electricity, gas, etc.
  • Disconnecting computerized equipment and covering with plastic sheeting
  • Backing up computer data to multiple sources

If the Tampa Bay area is forecasted to take a direct hit from a Category 3 or greater storm, HART may split the vehicle fleet up. You may have seen something similar in Houston, when Harvey hit. Our designated locations are the Hidden River Park-n-Ride lot and the University of South Florida. The remainder would remain at the 21st Avenue Operations Facility.

If the need arises, streetcars will be moved off-site
The TECO Line Streetcar System will house the majority of the fleet in the Ybor Streetcar Barn. However, depending on the severity of the storm, streetcars may be moved to an off-site storage location on the bed of a tow truck.

Following the passing of the storm, three phases will occur:
  1. Recovery - Damage assessment for facilities, vehicles, and other property
  2. Communication - Call back/contacting HART personnel
  3. Restoration - Delivery of service
HART will work to the best of our ability to get the network back up and get back to our daily job of moving Hillsborough County!

Rest assured though, HART is prepared for a storm. Make sure you are too!

Friday, August 25, 2017

What is Mission MAX?

Mission MAX launches October 8, 2017!
Beginning Sunday, October 8, 2017, HART will implement a comprehensive schedule change - Mission MAX.

Through Mission MAX, we are Modernizing the system to deliver more efficient service and higher frequencies on high-demand routes. We are Aligning routes to provide shorter trip times and better connections.  And we strive for eXcellence by designing a network that lays a strong foundation for future expansion.

This redesign of the bus system includes route and schedule modifications based on an extensive period of research, operational considerations, and public input.

How does Mission MAX Modernize the HART network?

The last time HART conducted a system redesign was back in 2003. Hillsborough County and commuting habits have changed quite a bit since then. That's why Mission MAX provides new connections such as all-day service between Brandon (FY18), and the University of South Florida (FY19), to Downtown and Tampa International Airport.

Mission MAX transitions HART to more of a "grid" network, focusing less on transfer centers, and more on direct, at-stop connections. This may mean the rider having to transfer more, however, with routes coming more frequently and schedules better entwined, riders should see overall quicker trips. The final plan means roughly 85% of customers will see service improve!

Mission MAX Aligns routes to operate in a way that makes more sense. No more long, winding, routes, with buses traveling out of direction, or off of main roads. This system redesign is backed by route data analysis, including stop-by-stop ridership data, to maximize HART efficiency.

Mission MAX provides a great foundation for future expansion
Long term, the most important aspect of Mission MAX is that it provides a service network that is sustainable for HART, but also provides a great foundation for expansion in our 10-year Transit Development Plan. Based on current funding projections, we plan to roll out 10 routes operating at 15 minute frequency, or better within roughly 5-6 years. Five of those routes would operate north-south, and five operating east-west.

We are also looking at expanded weekend service on a number of routes, adding and restoring routes, and expanding HART HyperLINK zones, for better connections throughout Hillsborough County.

Mission MAX is just one piece of a plan toward eXcellence, as HART continues to grow and evolve over the next 10 years.

Still have questions about Mission MAX? You can visit the Mission MAX FAQ, or interact with HART on Facebook and Twitter!

HART CEO Katharine Eagan recently went LIVE on Facebook from HART Dispatch to talk Mission MAX!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Receive HART Detour and Service Alerts with Everbridge!

Sign up for HART service alerts from Everbridge!
You're at the bus stop and OneBusAway Tampa swears your bus just passed your stop.

*Cue anger, frustration, sadness, etc.*

Turns out your bus was on detour due to a water main break a couple blocks away from your stop. Unfortunately, the bus was routed around your stop and now you're late for work.

This situation is a thing of the past with Everbridge!

Everbridge is a rider notification system that allows members of the public to subscribe to alerts for transit routes. These alerts are sent by HART when an issue is impacting a route. Examples of typical usage include service delays due to weather or construction. Everbridge is a completely opt-in system, meaning that you select the notifications that you wish to receive.

Click "Sign up" to register for the service

Getting Started

Simply sign up for an account with your email and log in. Once logged in, click "Sign up" next to "Don't Have an Account". Select the routes that you wish to receive service notifications for and you're done.

Want text notifications? Add you phone number and service provider when registering your account.

Additional Questions?

If you still have questions regarding Everbridge, contact HART on Facebook or Twitter, or call HART Customer Service at 813-254-4278.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Redesign Process Closes in on the Finish Line!

With over 45k daily trips, HART is a big part of the community!
You hop on HART, pay your fare, put in headphones, arrive at your destination, and hop off.

Easy, right?

The bus is just a way for you to get home - Point A to Point B.

In actuality though, public transportation is more than that. Public transportation provides accessibility, mobility... FREEDOM to riders. We understand that.

HART isn't a bureaucracy, we're human. We live in the community, and a lot of us are your neighbors on the bus, van, streetcar, etc.

Over 150 individuals took time out of their day on July 26th to attend the Public Hearing on the system redesign. The allotted time for public comment went over by roughly 40 minutes, as our packed Ybor office buzzed with all walks of life.

We heard you.

We have reviewed all of the comments from the Public Hearing and have looked at possible solutions. We want to be upfront, that some of the proposed solutions from the Public Hearing are not currently financially feasible.

With that said, let's walk through the revisions to the plan and answer some of the biggest requests from public comments:

Revision for service north of Fletcher


Service north of Fletcher: Route(s) 1,18,33,57

The proposal to straighten out route(s) 1 and 33, and the removal of the route(s) 18 and 57, left customers north of Fletcher with HyperLINK as the one remaining service option.

After receiving comments on this service and reviewing the need, the Route 45 will split at Yukon Transfer Center. The northern portion from Yukon Transfer Center becomes a new Route 42 that travels north of Fletcher on Nebraska, Skipper/Bearrs and Bruce B Downs.

Route 19

Route 19 routing revision
The Route 19 segment on Westshore Blvd. south of Britton Plaza was removed due to low ridership and high cost per boarding. The segment on south of Britton Plaza on Manhattan Ave. is replaced by the new Route 17.

Route 19 is now proposed to operate along Cleveland Ave., not Swann Ave. As a result, northbound Route 19 trips will once again serve the Lighthouse for the Blind and Tampa General Hospital. Trips from downtown can transfer from Cleveland St. to Platt St. or near Armenia Ave. at Swann Ave.

Route 51X/21LX revision map

Route 21LX/Route 51X

The 51X morning trips will serve the Temple Terrace Park and Ride. This will provide service to customers of the 21LX (which is being removed). The afternoon alternative for 21LX riders to the Temple Terrace Park-n-Ride will be the Route 6.

Route 36

Route would travel Himes Ave. between Busch Blvd. and MLK Jr. Blvd. and then travel Lois Ave./ Tampa Bay Blvd. to connect to Route 7 at HCC Dale Mabry campus.

The revisions we just covered have been added to the system redesign proposal going to the HART Board on August 7th.

Below, let's clarify some common questions in the proposal and provide context for the changes.


HARTFlex South Tampa/Route 10
The proposal to expand the HARTFlex South Tampa north to Cypress remains intact. HARTFlex South Tampa will now serve the western section of Route 10 (which is being removed) to include connections to the MacDonald Training Center, Tampa Housing Authority, and the Social Security Office. Service will operate hourly.

HARTFlex Brandon/HART HyperLINK

The proposal to eliminate the Brandon FLEX remains intact. The approximate per passenger trip cost for HARTFlex Brandon is $14, whereas the per trip cost for HyperLINK (as it exists today) is $10. We are looking at possibly modifying the Brandon HART HyperLINK for a deployment in October 2017. This may include reducing the customer fare and increasing connection points within the zone.

Route 46/Route 37

Route 46 will operate between the Dover Park-and-Ride and Westfield Brandon Mall, while serving Brandon Regional Hospital. Route 37 will travel directly to the Westfield Brandon for faster trip times and connections from the Route 46. The proposal removes Route 46 segments serving Palmetto Beach and Causeway Blvd. With 1.1 boardings per service mile and less than 15 boardings per service hour, the existing Route 46 is one of the lowest performing local routes in the HART network. The modification of the 46 preserves the most productive segments of the route.

Route 39 revision map
Route 39/57

We initially proposed Route 39 having alternating trips to Bullard Pkwy/Harney Rd. However, we're revising the initial proposal to only use the 50th St/Puritan Rd/Sligh Ave segment. Route 39 would run every 30 minutes on Saturdays.

The proposal to alternate segments was removed due to concerns about confusion in operating the alternating segments and reducing the level of service on the 50th St/Puritan Rd/Sligh Ave segment. Service in the Bullard Pkwy/Harney Rd would be returned in the future, possibly in the expansion of HART HyperLINK to Temple Terrace City Hall.


With the consolidation of MetroRapid and Route 2, we are proposing to add seven MetroRapid stops along the route. MetroRapid hours would also expand to cover existing Route 2 service schedule.

MetroRapid service between UATC and the Hidden River/Telecom Park area will now be served by Route 33 in the proposal going before the HART Board.


We hope this helps to understand the revisions to the proposal and why the changes were necessary.

We truly appreciate the community's involvement in this effort to transform the HART system. From the beginning, the community has helped shape this proposal through valuable insight, such as that provided at the Public Hearing.

Please note: Due to an expected overflow crowd, the HART Board meeting scheduled for August 7th, has been moved to County Center, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. in Downtown Tampa.

Can't make the meeting? It will be streamed LIVE here.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

HART is Hitting the Reset Button!

FY18 System Redesign outreach by the numbers!
After an exhaustive outreach schedule of over 40 meetings, we are now to the "finish line" of the public input portion of this process, which began back in March.

The Public Hearing for the HART FY2018 system redesign took place at the HART Administrative Office on July 26th, from 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. This was the final opportunity for public comments on the proposal.

HART staff is reviewing comments from the Public Hearing and working on further revisions to the proposal before its final destination.

The HART Board will have the final word on the system redesign proposal at their August 7th meeting. If approved, the proposal would be scheduled for implementation on Sunday, October 8th, 2017.

Public Involvement

79% of respondents wanted more frequent service over better coverage
While the HART Board might have the final say, the public truly shaped the plan.

At the March workshops, we asked riders to choose between better coverage (shorter walk to the bus stop) vs. higher frequency (buses come more often). Overwhelmingly (79%), the public choose higher frequency. We based the current proposal on that principle.

Roughly 80% of HART riders will see improvement in overall travel times:

Higher Frequency
  • MetroRapid - Service increased to every 12 minutes  
  • Route 1 - Weekday service increased to every 15 minutes
  • Route 12 - Weekday service increased to every 15 minutes (FY19)
  • Route 14 - Weekday service increased to every 30 minutes
  • Route 16 - Weekday service increased to every 30 minutes (FY19)
  • Route 34 - Weekday service increased to every 20 minutes (FY19)

Expanded Service
  • MetroRapid - Saturday and Sunday service added
  • Route 9 - Earlier weekend service
  • Route 14 - Sunday service added
  • Route 16 - Sunday service added 
  • Route 32 - Service extended to Tampa International Airport
  • Route 46 - Sunday service added; service extended to Brandon Regional Hospital

New Connections
  • Route 60LX - All-day, hourly, limited stop service between Northwest Transfer Center, Tampa International Airport, Downtown Tampa, and Westfield Brandon
  • Route 275LX - All-day, hourly, limited stop weekday service between UATC, Downtown Tampa, and Tampa International Airport (FY19)
  • Route 360LX - All-day, hourly, limited stop service between Westfield Brandon, Downtown Tampa, Britton Plaza, and MacDill AFB
Route 60LX and 360LX will be "staggered" from Westfield Brandon Mall, providing 30 minute service between Brandon and Downtown Tampa.

Bringing a massive system redesign to the public has not been easy. After countless meetings, and sifting through public comments, we realized there were areas where the proposal fell short.

We've heard you
and now have revisions to our initial system redesign proposal.

 Proposal Revisions
Revisions from the initial FY18 System Redesign Proposal

  • MetroRapid - Route 33 will operate portion of previous MetroRapid service between UATC and the Hidden River / Telecom Park area
  • Route 36 - Route would travel Himes Ave. between Busch Blvd. and MLK Jr. Blvd. and then travel Lois Ave./ Tampa Bay Blvd. to connect to Route 7 at HCC Dale Mabry campus
  • Route 39 - Would only use the 50th St./ Puritan Rd./ Sligh Ave. segment
  • Route 42 - New route would travel Skipper Rd./ Bearss Ave., as well as, take place of Route 45 from Yukon to UATC, via 15th St.
  • Route 45 - Route would end at Yukon with 42 covering Yukon to UATC
Click here to view a map of the initial revisions to the system redesign proposal.
Following feedback at the Public Hearing, we are working on further revisions and will make those public ASAP.

Please note: Due to expected overflow, the August 7th HART Board meeting is being moved to County Center, 601 E Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33602.

HART hits the “reset” button on our network in October. We hope to see you on board!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

HART FY2018 System Redesign: South Tampa and Westshore

The July 26th Public Hearing is less than a week away! Still unsure how the proposed FY2018 system redesign affects your area? Stick with us as we breakdown the changes for South Tampa and the Westshore area.

If you are not aware, HART is undergoing a major system redesign, in which EVERY route will be affected in some way.

Map of the proposed FY2018 system redesign for South Tampa/Westshore

Summary of Changes:

  • Service Additions: 
    • Route 11: Proposed new service from Downtown to Main St., Spruce St. and International Plaza, with new stops.
    • Route 17: Proposed new service would cover part of Route 19 from Britton Plaza Transfer Center to O’Brien/Idaho.
    • Route 60LX: Proposed all-day service would provide hourly service between Brandon Mall, Downtown Tampa. Tampa International Airport, and Northwest Transfer Center.
    • Route 275LX: Proposed all-day service would provide hourly service between University Area Transit Center, Downtown Tampa, and Tampa International Airport. 
    • Route 360LX: Proposed all-day service would provide hourly connections between Westfield Brandon Mall, Downtown Tampa, Britton Plaza and MacDill Air Force Base. Combined with 60LX service, 30 minute LX service would exist from Westfield Brandon to Downtown Tampa.
  • Route 4:
    • Downtown/South Tampa: Route 4 would be removed and replaced by Route 19, from Marion Transit Center to Britton Plaza Transfer Center.
    • South Tampa: Route 4 would be replaced by new all-day limited express route (360LX), which would operate between Britton Plaza to MacDill AFB. redesigned Route 19 would cover portions of Route 4. 
    • South Tampa would also be served by HARTFlex.
  • Route 7:
    • Would now operate between Downtown and HCC-Dale Mabry campus. Connections from HCC to Citrus Park would be provided on Routes 36 and 39.
    • Hyde Park: Route would shift from Howard/Armenia to North Blvd. via
      Columbus Ave. Route 14 would serve Howard/Armenia to Swann Ave.
    • West Tampa Transfer Center: Route would no longer enter the Transfer Center.
  • Route 14:
    • Route would increase frequency to every 30 minutes on weekdays.
    • Hyde Park: Route would run down Howard/Armenia to Swann Ave. North Blvd. stops would be served by Route 7.
    • Route 30/Kennedy Blvd. would provide access to the Marion Transit Center.
    • Overall: Weekday/Weekend service would operate 6 a.m. - 10 p.m.; Sunday service would be added.
  • Route 15:
    • East Tampa: Eastern end of the route would run from Columbus Dr. north to Netp@rk Transfer Center on 50th St., with new stops. Route would no longer serve Orient Road Jail.
  • Route 17: Route will utilize Manhattan Ave.
  • Route 19:
    • Downtown: Route would shift from Transitway to Florida Ave./Tampa St.
    • Hyde Park: Route would shift slightly from Cleveland to Swann Ave. after serving Tampa General Hospital.
    • South Tampa: The route would end at Britton Plaza Transfer Center.
  • Route(s) 24LX/25LX:
    • Routes would operate with similar schedule with added stops in Downtown Tampa.
  • Route 30:
    • Downtown: Minor route shift from Transitway to Florida Ave./Tampa St. 
    • Airport: Route would run from downtown/Marion Transit Center to Tampa International Airport. New Route 60LX would provide service to the Northwest Transfer Center.
    • Route 32:
      • West Tampa: Route would no longer use the West Tampa Transfer Center. Transfers would take place on Dale Mabry Hwy.
      • Orient Park: Route would no longer shift onto Broadway.
      • Route would be expanded to operate between Netp@rk Transfer Center and Tampa International Airport. Service from Netp@rk Transfer Center to the Mango Walmart would be provided by the new Route 38.
      • Route 36:
        • South Tampa: Route would provide service to Britton Plaza Transfer Center. New all-day 360LX would serve Britton Plaza to MacDill AFB hourly.
      • Route 45:
        • East Tampa/University Area: Route would serve Yukon Transfer center, and run on 15th St. between Linebaugh Ave. and University Area Transit Center.
        • North Tampa: Route would run on Florida Ave., between Waters and Linebaugh.
        • Carrollwood: Route would shift from Himes Ave. to Dale Mabry Hwy.
        • University Area: HyperLINK service available within the zone.
      • HARTFlex South Tampa:
        • HARTFlex South Tampa is being adjusted north to Cypress to cover part of the current Route 10.
      South Tampa and the Westshore area will see the addition of 5 new routes, including new all-day, limited stop connections to Brandon, MacDill AFB, Tampa International Airport, and the University area.

      Weekday frequency would increase to 30 minutes on route 14, and routes 14 and 19 would expand operating hours.

      The remainder of the changes involve routing. Click here for an interactive map, showing proposed routing and stops. Please note schedules provided on the page are for planning purposes only. October 2017 schedules are currently being developed.

      We have tried our best to minimize any coverage loss and to provide alternatives for eliminated service. Should you find yourself in such a situation, a vanpool may make a great option. Visit TBARTA's website for more information.

      Take an online survey regarding the HART system redesign!
      Please also note, these are proposed changes, that must be approved by the HART Board. A Public Hearing will be held at the HART Administrative Office (1201. E. 7th Ave., Tampa, FL, 33605) on July 26th, from 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Public comment will be available at that time.

      In the meantime, visit to see upcoming meetings, take a survey, share comments, and learn more about the HART system redesign process!